The Gift Legacy  is a contemporary thriller with a touch of fantasy that will leave you believing the impossible and wary of the night sky…

JP McLean
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            JP Mclean


The Gift: Awakening follows the heroic journey of a young woman in her quest to overcome the burden of an extraordinary legacy and find her unique place in the world. Emelynn Taylor’s new gift, bestowed unceremoniously and unasked for, thrust her into a vortex of mystery, wonder and intrigue that promise to change her—and her world— forever. 

The Gift: Revelation propels Emelynn Taylor into high gear as she unwittingly exposes the dark underbelly of a frightening world she can’t escape. Emelynn finds herself and her unique gift at the center of a growing hurricane of violence and deception. Her quest for truth reveals secrets closer to home than she was prepared to find and sweeps her up in a wave of intrigue that will culminate in her own terrifying abduction. There, she learns the harrowing truth of a new threat not only to her and her covey but to those dearest to her heart.

The Gift: Redemption ups the ante for Emelynn Taylor who, while recovering from the brutal attack of a murderous psychopath, is targeted by faceless terrorists. With nowhere else to turn, she joins forces with law enforcement and a vengeful Tribunal to hunt down her anonymous assailants. The conspiracy she discovers threatens to expose the gift and all those who share it. Emelynn must face her worst fears and gather all her strength to protect those she loves . . . and she must do it alone.

In Book IV, The Gift: Penance, the Tribunal Novem is coerced into a deal with International Covert Operations to protect the secrecy of the gift, and Emelynn Taylor must pay the penalty for her role in baring the secret. She goes undercover to unravel a dangerous drug ring. But who’s chasing whom? Stalked by an ancient and dangerous society; Intimidated by devious law-enforcers; Threatened by friends—old and new … Can Emelynn play this new deadly game and navigate her way to safe shores?


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